University of Southern California Trojan Vision (TV8)

Trojan Vision (often abbreviated as TV8) is a student television station at the University of Southern California through the School of Cinematic Arts. Established in 1997 by the Annenberg School for Communication, Trojan Vision is a member of the Open Student Television Network (OSTN), which televises student programming throughout the United States. Trojan Vision broadcasts 24/7 from the Robert Zemeckis Center for Digital Arts to the University Park Campus on Channel 8.1 and online through their website. Programming is also made available to the greater Los Angeles community on local channel LA36. Trojan Vision also operates the Student Film Channel, showcasing the work of students of the USC School of Cinematic Arts.

As of Fall 2006, students are able to use their volunteer work at Trojan Vision to earn credits through the school of Cinematic Arts.

Trojan Vision has featured a wide variety of shows since its launch in 1997.

Current programming
    Annenberg TV News - A live 30 minute news program broadcast live Monday to Thursday at 6:00pm produced by students of the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism.
    CU@USC - A live interview show featuring notable guests from a variety of background broadcast live at 6:30pm on weeknights.
    The Cutting Edge - Featuring films of past and present made by USC students and analysis from hosts and the films' creators. New episodes air weeknights at 7:00pm.
    Impact - A newsmagazine program presented by students of the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism.
    Mind Games - The only game show currently produced for TV8, Mind Games tests contestants to see how well they know their best friends.
    NewsMakers - Trojan Vision's news satire, NewsMakers features a mix of in-studio segments and field reports. "It's not the facts, it's the news."
    Platforum - Bringing the debate on all of today's hot topics to USC, Platforum is a round-table debate show broadcasting live at 5:30pm on weeknights.
    The SCoop - Airing live at 11:00am on Tuesdays and Thursdays, this entertainment news and talk show covers the latest trends and stories from the biggest movie premieres to interviews with the world’s most fascinating people. From the very best of popular culture, to unlimited access to your favorite celebrities, television shows, and much more, The SCoop has it covered.
    underGRAD - A situational comedy about undergraduate students.

Selected past programming
Since its start, Trojan Vision has featured a wide array of programming. The following list features some of the many shows that have been produced for Trojan Vision. Although none of these shows are still in production, some of them may still continue to air on TV8 in repeats.

    Birnkrant 616 - This sitcom followed the lives of USC students as they deal with life, love, and the bumbling World War II Nazis that live next door.
    Common Grounds - A situational comedy.
    The Daily SCene - An hour-long breakfast show that featured entertainment updates, local Los Angeles culture spotlights, and more, that aired live at 11:00am on weekdays in the Fall semester of 2010.
    Doing it for Reel - A film show.
    DormGourmet - A cooking show teaching college students how to cook, one person at a time.
    Exposed! - Featuring the hidden, and not so hidden, talents of USC professors, students, and staff.
    God Help Us! - Produced as part of the curriculum for USC's sitcom class.
    The Kinda Late Show - Airing live on Sunday nights at 10:00pm, this variety show featured sketch comedy, musical guests, interviews, and more.
    Life in the Dorms - A mockumentary sitcom about the lives of students living in USC's New-North dorm building.
    In Real Time - A 30 minute documentary show taking an in-depth look at various subjects.
    Mister McSuper - Only one episode was produced of this sitcom, telling the story of a recently unemployed superhero.
    MySelf - This sitcom told the story of a student and his clone.
    On the Ball - Focused on the Women's Professional Soccer league in the United States.
    Sports SCense - Provided viewers with an in-depth look at football and other sports.
    Take 5 - A pop culture and entertainment show that takes a looked at the latest news and movie reviews, covering everything entertainment.
    Trojan Chef - This cooking show was a unofficial student version of the popular Iron Chef franchise.
    Trojan Huddle - Airing live on Thursday evenings at 8:00pm, Trojan Huddle gave a close-up look at USC Trojans football.
    Trojan Timeout - Featured USC's world of sports.
    Trojan Triumph - This competition show featured USC's undiscovered talents from the worlds of singing, dancing, and acting.
    Visual Frequency - Music television from a student perspective.

Technical details
Trojan Vision broadcasts 24/7 on both the flagship channel on 8.1 and the Student Film Channel on 8.3.

Trojan Vision’s primary broadcast studio, Studio B, is located at the Robert Zemeckis Center for Digital Arts. Studio B is equipped with six professional video cameras: four cameras on pedestals, a robotic camera mounted on the ceiling, and a camera mounted in the production control room. The studio has Strand lighting control and teleprompters. The video control room includes a Grass Valley 4000 switcher. The audio]] room contains a MIDI keyboard, a sampler, and a Yamaha O2R mixer with integrated effects. These rooms export their signals to TV8 Master Control, where they are recorded on video servers, broadcast live in HD on the campus cable TV system and streamed online.

In addition to Studio B, Trojan Vision has access to other stages in the Zemeckis Center. These include a 30x30 insert stage, a 30x40 stage with standing sets, and two 40x50 stages that can be combined, forming a 40x100 sound stage.

For field use, Trojan vision uses Sony XDCAMs and other cameras. It has access to an HD flypack (portable studio) with a FOR-A FA-300 switcher, four Sony HXC-100 broadcast-quality HD cameras and two Omneon video servers.

Trojan Vision operates a single-mode fiberoptic network, enabling it to do live TV broadcasts from many locations on the USC campus, including the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, various theaters and stages at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, and from a Trojan Vision-branded kiosk located in the center of campus in Hahn Plaza near Tommy Trojan.

Awards and honors
In 2006, Trojan Vision Trojan received a Telly Award for the third year in a row. The award, which honors "outstanding local, regional, and cable television commercials and programs" has been awarded to Trojan Vision 4 times since 2004. Trojan Vision has received several other awards, including being named Spin Magazine's, "Best College Television Station in the Country," and being presented with six Telly's.

Trojan Vision also hosts its own award show each year, honoring top station programming in the areas of Best Nightly Show, Best Weekly Show, Best New Show, and a variety other awards that honor writing, production, and invaluable station crew. In 2005, the variety program Exposed! won awards for Best Weekly Show & Best Show Opening, while the game show Mind Games won the award for Best New Show. In 2006, the new show Birnkrant 616 won a record 6 TV awards, including a new award for its pilot episode being the first show to reach 1,000 downloads on Trojan Vision's website, and in 2007 the entertainment show Take 5 won the award of Best New Show. In 2009, NewsMakers, Trojan Vision's news satire show, took home the award for Best New Show. NewsMakers went on to win the award for Best Non-Nightly Show later that year at a special fall edition of the Trojan Vision Awards before winning the award for the Best Show on Trojan Vision in the spring of 2010. CU@USC was named "Best Show" at the spring 2011 Awards.