Student Television Stations - RPI TV

RPI TV is a closed-circuit television Student television station at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). The club broadcasts content online as well as on campus cable channel 6, which originates from the campus cable plant run by MultiMedia Services. RPI TV is funded by the Rensselaer Union. RPI TV also assists in the moderation of student content submitted to the Concerto digital signage system developed at RPI.

RPI TV films and broadcasts a variety of campus events, including football games, hockey games, cultural events, and the annual GM/PU candidate debates. When not airing a live or prerecorded program, the channel uses a bulletin board system for display of campus announcements in the form of slides submitted to RPI TV by campus organizations. RPI TV is not the provider of cable television on the campus.

Productions are available on RPI TV's website in an effort to allow the general public (and students without access to the campus channel) to watch RPI TV content.

Current Productions
    RPI Engineers Hockey
    RPI Engineers Football
    RPI PD

RPI Athletics
During the fall and winter sports seasons, RPI TV records most home football and hockey games for online distribution. Working with the RPI Athletics Department, RPI TV web streams all football and hockey games live via B2 Networks. The B2 streamed broadcasts require a subscription sold by B2 Networks.

Navigating Rensselaer & Beyond
Every year since 2006, the club has run a crash-course in video production as part of the First-Year Experience program for incoming Freshmen. Traditionally, incoming students are given two days to plan, film, and edit their production which will be shown on campus cable and the RPI TV website. Past productions have included The Classroom, Dora the Explorer Live!, and Tentatively Titled MURSE.

RPI PD launched in the Spring of 2011, filling a longstanding gap in the club's creative productions. The show produced twice a month, follows Detective Nick Waters, a fictional law enforcement officer, through his enforcement activities that occur on the RPI campus and neighboring areas.