Student Television Stations - KUJH-LP

KUJH-LP channel 14, is an independent television station owned and operated by the University of Kansas. The Student television station broadcasts predominantly public affairs programs.

Its primary purpose is to serve as a hands-on "laboratory" for its journalism students. Unlike KOMU-TV of Columbia, Missouri, it is not affiliated with any network (though it does air the Research Channel when local programming is not scheduled) and only utilizes low-powered broadcasting and cable TV channel 31 on Knology (formerly Sunflower Broadband) to transmit its signal. Residents in the Residntal Halls in the University of Kansas can also carried it on RESNET 31.

Its signal does not reach Kansas City, Missouri, the broadcast area in which Lawrence, KUJH-TV's city of license, is located. However, it does reach viewers in western Kansas City, Kansas through Knology on channel 31, a Lawrence-based cable company which serves the Piper area of Kansas City, Kansas. Its translator, K27FR, is based in Overland Park at KU's Edwards Campus; however, its signal is very poor.

KUJH-LP began testing on February 10, 1995. Regular programming began April 23, 1996, with much of the content filled by the St. Paul, Minnesota-based All News Channel.

Until about 2005 KUJH broadcast locally produced independent films and TV shows from the university, local and regional film scene. One program of note was "Out of Focus"; hosted by then KU Film School student Chris Martin. The program was a mix of interviews with local film makers as well as airings of short films and previews. However, in 2005 programs that were produced by non-journalism students were removed from the station’s programming.

Newscasts are only broadcast during the school year.
    KUJH-TV News: 5:30PM, 7:30PM, 9:30PM, 11:30PM
    Jayhawk Sports Talk: 7PM, 9PM, 11PM, 12 Midnight
The station has recently merged with the Kansan newspaper at the University putting all of their elements on the web site.