Student Television Stations - Phlash TV

Phlash TV is the television station for UW-Green Bay in Green Bay, WI. It is only broadcast on the campus, on Residence Life - Channel 20.

The Student television station runs with one staff member supervising students. Internship credits are available for most students who wish to work for the station. Volunteer opportunities are available, ranging from the same types of positions as internships only with less time commitment to hosting and camera operating positions.

Phlash TV is broken up into 3 departments: Video Production, Production, and PR/Promotions. The Video Production department is in charge of filming and editing. The Production departments writes the scripts for the shows and segments. PR/Promotions is in charge of promoting the shows and any special prizes that may be given out on those shows as well as being the primary contact for outside businesses and organizations.

Creative Campus Television (CCTV) is a student organization at UW-Green Bay that previously collaborated with Phlash TV to provide programming. CCTV and Phlash TV merged, with the student organization being named Phlash TV.

Jaded Nights is a late-night style variety show. The original format focused more on the variety style, whereas the current format has a more equal mix of segments and hosting.

Phoenix Connexion provides information on upcoming and recent events in a news style format. On and off campus events are covered. Special segments include the UW-Green Bay Phoenix Sports Update and the Student Government Association Update. Some packages have been featured in the Producer Showcase on

On the Ball is a sports commentary show featuring some play-by-play commentary along with predictions for upcoming games and coverage of recent sports news.

On the Reel was a movie ratings show that discusses upcoming movies. In 2007, On the Reel won an award from the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association for TV Talk Show/Series/Documentary. On the Reel elements are being incorporated into other shows for the Fall 2008 season.

In February 2008, Phlash TV and Creative Campus Television received 5 awards at the annual Wisconsin Broadcasters Association convention. Including three first place awards - the most out of any college/university in the state.