Student Television Stations - NTTV

ntTV (North Texas Television) is a Student television station and student organization at the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas; ntTV is multicast locally on Charter Communications cable channel 22 and on Verizon FiOS channel 46. ""ntTV"" was founded in the fall of 1980 and will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2010.

Run by volunteers, student staff, and a faculty station manager; the station features shows produced by and geared toward students; it has also aired programming from National Lampoon Networks, Zilo, and other American universities. Since 2004, ntTV has broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ntTV typically has 15 student produced shows in production each Fall and Spring semester, totally over 100 hours of content.

In 2009, ntTV won a Lonestar Emmy for their 2008 election night coverage, Eagle Election Night. ntTV broadcast live for three hours to bring the University of North Texas, and the Denton community, localized election coverage. ntTV received 5 out of 6 possible nominations.

NTTV Productions
Currently Produced Programming

'ntTV Nightly News
    ntTV Nightly News is the signature program of ntTV News. "ntTV Nightly News" is broadcast live at 6:00pm Monday through Thursday. "ntTV Nightly News" is managed by ntTV's Student News Director. "ntTV Nightly News" was nominated for a Lonestar Emmy Award in 2008. ntTV 22 News, ntTV Nightly News' forerunner, was nominated for an Emmy Award from the Lone Star Emmy Chapter in College News Production in 2006.

'Taboo Topics
    Taboo Topics is a student produced half-hour talk show. "Taboo Topics" invites area experts to participate in discussions on various religious and political topics. "Taboo Topics" was created by Noah Sargent.

North Texas Basketball
    When basketball season rolls around, ntTV covers most UNT home games live from the UNT SuperPit. All the features of a major network basketball broadcast are present, including play-by-play and color commentating, multiple camera angles, replay capability, sideline interviews with coaches, and a complete graphics package with a scoreboard and game-clock. In March 2007, the ntTV Basketball crew was used to broadcast the Heartland Conference basketball tournament on the Internet as well as NTTV.

NT Scene
    NT Scene is a magazine series with a focus on people and events in the North Texas region. It is also nttV's longest-running show with episodes dating back to 1981. NT Scene is managed by ntTV's Student Entertainment Director.

Shows No Longer in Production But Currently On Air
The _____ Agency

    The _____ Agency is a show about a group of students who form an agency which tailors to the individual needs of its clients.

Axion Maxima
    Axion Maxima is NTTV's first show in which Spanish is the primary language used. Focusing on entertainment, the show tours the Metroplex, highlighting things to do in the North Texas area.

Eagle Access
    Eagle Access is a student-affairs show that covers events happening across the University of North Texas. The show also features interviews with the University of North Texas: Student Government Association President, and reports on University departments, faculty, and events.

North Texas Sports Zone
    North Texas Sports Zone is a weekly sports highlight show that features University of North Texas sports and Denton area high school athletics. North Texas Sports Zone is managed by the student Sports Director in the fall, and by the Assistant Sports Director in the spring.

Breaking News
    Breaking News is a show that parodies the parody of news programs. Breaking News holds the distinction of being the first entertainment program to air live on NTTV. The live episode of Breaking News was created as a special project in UNT's Advanced Video Production course in the fall of 2005.

Deadly Cinema
    Deadly Cinema is a horror-host program starring Dallas area model Jami Deadly. Deadly Cinema followed the antics of a group of horror movie inspired friends. The show also featured Public Domain horror films that the main characters would heckle.

Elvis and Slick Monty
    Elvis and Slick Monty is a serialized science fiction comedy from File Two Productions. It tells the story of a man-fly from a parallel world, his ex-rock star roommate, and their efforts to thwart the world domination plans of Mayor Richard Nixon and his alien co-conspirators. The show lasted two comedically disparate seasons of five episodes each. The first season DVD set was released in 2005, and the season two DVD was released in late 2007. Elvis and Slick Monty was awarded a 2007 Lone Star Emmy for Best Student Production (Non-News).

New Choice
    New Choice is an improvisational "comedy" show in the same vein as Whose Line Is It Anyway? The show features members of UNT's Improv Comedy Club.

The Post Cognitive
    The Post Cognitive was nominated for and awarded a Lone Star Emmy for Best Student Production in 2005, and Best Student Production (Non-News) in 2006. An additional episode of The Post Cognitive was nominated for the same category in 2006.

Homeless in Denton
    Homeless in Denton is a semi-improvisational comedy telling the tale of two homeless bums that find a camera in a dumpster, prompting them to make a TV show. The first season was released on DVD in 2005, and the second season DVD was released in 2007. Since the series conclusion, the Bums have reunited for Homeless in Japan, a one-off special shot on location in Hirakata City, Osaka, Japan. Homeless in Denton was canceled in December 2006, but was picked back up by DCAT channel 25 in Denton, TX. Homeless in Denton was named Best Entertainment Show (People's Choice) at the 2005 Golden Television Awards.

    SLAMFEST is a television show from the team behind Homeless in Denton in which the bums and their dolphin Schroder recount a death-match tournament of pop-culture icons such as Vanity Smurf and Indiana Jones. The show was originally aired after Walden, which was aired after Homeless in Denton. It was canceled in December 2006, but was picked up by DCAT channel 25 along with its parent show, Homeless in Denton. A sequel series, SLAMFEST 2, was shot on location in Hirakata City, Osaka, Japan, and is expected to premiere online in 2008.