Student Television Stations - GreyComm

GreyComm Studios is a non-commercial college television station that is owned and operated by Loyola University Maryland, broadcasting exclusively on the school's television network, Channel 33.

It all began with TGN 70, a name most current Loyola students have never heard. A group of founding members, including Larry Noto, who aired his own television program on campus cable, formed TGN 70 in the early 1990s.

Nearly a decade later, in 2001, three students approached Father Ridley, president of Loyola at the time, about starting the first 24-hour network. With WLOY radio making its launch at that time, the only means for launching the TV station was a completely student-run effort. Father Ridley gave them the go-ahead and less than a year later, on February 27, 2002, the station was launched.

In 2004, Joe Salvati and Alan Danzis, co-founders of TGN, relinquished control, turning the station over to the Communication Department in hopes to enhance it for students to come. With that change came the first name change: WLOY-TV.

In 2007, Jay Dunmore took the position as WLOY-TV’s operation manager. He assembled a group of board members who produced programming and developed the website for the station. Student leaders Eric Strand and Stephen Gallagher, embraced the vision for the student club and membership quickly grew to over sixty members. GreyComm had grown to serve as a multimedia facility where all digital media specializations could work together in using converging media and software tools.

On April 1, 2009, WLOY-TV changed its name to GreyComm Studios in celebration of its growing successes over the past year and the great progress it has made since its original foundation as TGN 70. The facility is co-curricular and serves as the cornerstone of a growing Digital Media (major specialization) component in the Communication Department at Loyola