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Irregular Verbs Hot Seat

Lesson Plan:  Irregular Verbs Hot Seat


Age Group:  Middle School


The Cutting Book: Lesson Plans

 The Cutting Book

This book is designed for students that are having difficulty cutting.  This book will teach anyone to cut.  All of your lessons plans are included and you can your lessons to Lesson Plan Designer Supreme IIIa software for Macintosh, iPads or PC's.

Your lesson plan book includes:

Identifying Parts of Sentences

Lesson Design                      Identifying Parts of Sentences


Set:  Write the following patterns on the board or overhead one line at a time.

Blueprint for Thoughful Lesson Planning


Have you ever been caught off-guard, during instruction, by a student's observation or question and used that awkwardness as a time to go to recess or transition into another lesson?

•  Have you ever wondered why your best-planned lesson failed to meet its objectives?

Jiqsaw- Lit Circle/ "The Story of an Hour"

Audience: 7-10 grade



Do you think it is important to live for yourself?

Through the Eyes of a Refugee

Through the Eyes of a Refugee