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Using EXCEL as a classroom tool for statistics

Notes to the teacher regarding statistics and Microsoft Excel                                 


What's In The Beans

I have used this lesson with visually impaired/blind students who have some language and others who used sign language.

Materials needed:  A large bowl with lid

                                  A bag of beans or a mixture of beans uncooked

Rhythm in Language - Feel the SWAMP BEAT!



 Purpose of the Activity: Improve your students' reading skills!  Have a fun interaction with books!  Provide a new, hands-on way to get kids excited about reading!




CLASS/GRADE:                6th grade ELA

Working Out Word Problems


Unit: Math- Problem Solving

Grade: Second

Number of Students: 27



Examining Ways to Organize Questions and Answers Within a Text

Goal: To engage students in sharing new information they learn. To enable students to understand the genre of nonfiction as writers. To provide students with an opportunity to learn about structure and organization as writers

Objective: At the end of the lesson students will identify the question and answer structure of nonfiction texts. They will begin to structure their nonfiction writing applying the question and answer format.


Greek Golden Age

Class: Social Studies 6

Unit: Greece

Teacher: Petriccione