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A Special Present

A Special Present

Materials Needed: 1. One Large box of Epsom Salts. 2.One 1 oz bottle of your favorite Essential oil. 3. One box of Food Coloring, 4. A baby food jar with a lid for each student. 5. One  to three freezer zip lock bags.  6.. A measuring cup which is equal to a one cup measure. 8. Silver or gold spray paint. 9. One piece of fine Sand paper. 10 Two sheets of news paper. 11. 8 medium size rocks. 12. 4 paper towels. 13. one dropper usually included with essential oils.

Ball Bearing Roller Coasters and Teamwork Lab

Ball Bearing Roller Coasters and Teamwork


TEAM NAMES...___________________  __________________


The Eggonaut





Participants design and construct a rocket made from a 2 liter pop bottle

Create a Holiday

TITLE: Create Your Own Holiday: What Will It Be?