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A Special Present

A Special Present

Materials Needed: 1. One Large box of Epsom Salts. 2.One 1 oz bottle of your favorite Essential oil. 3. One box of Food Coloring, 4. A baby food jar with a lid for each student. 5. One  to three freezer zip lock bags.  6.. A measuring cup which is equal to a one cup measure. 8. Silver or gold spray paint. 9. One piece of fine Sand paper. 10 Two sheets of news paper. 11. 8 medium size rocks. 12. 4 paper towels. 13. one dropper usually included with essential oils.

Ball Bearing Roller Coasters and Teamwork Lab

Ball Bearing Roller Coasters and Teamwork


TEAM NAMES...___________________  __________________


The Eggonaut





Participants design and construct a rocket made from a 2 liter pop bottle

Create a Holiday

TITLE: Create Your Own Holiday: What Will It Be?

The Clay Pot that YOU Built!

AIM: To introduce children to the art of clay pot making


Materials: Book The Pot that Juan Built about Mexican clay pot maker, Juan Quezada. one or more small clay pots, air-dried clay (red or white; broken into about an adult handful each for children to handle), water spray gun, newspapers, smocks. Optional: reproductions of different clay pots and plastic forks

1,2,3 Art (First Day of School)

Middle School students are just learning how to form opinions, and appreciate the opportunity to express them constructively. A 1,2,3 questionnaire can be used in the first art class to get input from the students, and to make them feel appreciated.