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Water and the Water Cycle

Name: Kathy Franceschini    

Causes of the American Revolution Review

Objectives:  TSWBAT identify major British acts passed in the 1760's-70's.  

                      TSWBAT analyze the reasons for the British passing of the acts and the American reason against the acts.  


Standards:  NYS Standard #1:  American History 

                    NYS Standard #4:  Economics 


Picture Writing

Picture Writing


Class: Geometry 10th grade


Unit:  Transformations




Exploring the USA and the World with Cartograms


Duration: Two 55-minute sessions, or one session and independent study

The Raging Sea

The Raging Sea

Title:  The Raging Sea

Estimated Time:  45 Minutes

Fire starters

Materials Needed:1, One large to Medium pine cone.2. About three pounds to 4 pounds of wax that is used for candle making.(Can be found in most Craft Stores.) 3. CANDLE COLORING found in the candle wax Dept. 4. One 2oz bottle of your favorite Essential oil also found in the candle dept, 5. One pair of stainless steel tongs. 6. One double boiler medium in size. 7. pot holders two of them. 8. Wax Paper 9. A large cookie sheet.10. One steak knife to cut wax with. 11. One large wooden spoon to stir the wax with.

The Memory Box

Materials Needed:

1. 30 to 31 Index cards small ones.

2. Pen or pencil.

3. a box big enough to hold the cards

4. ribbon 15 inches.

5. Construction paper one piece for each student.

6. Crayons or Magic markers.

Directions; 1. Make enough good memories one memory per card for each day of the month that you choose. the first card and have the student write about a good memory either from their Mom or their Dad or a Grandparent . place #1 on first card and 2,3,4 on each card until you get to 30 or 31 cards for the month.

Getting and Keeping a Job for Teens

Title - Helping Teens Find, Get and Keep a Job
By - Jennie Withers
Subjects:  Vocational Education, Technical Writing, Life Skills
Grade Level - 8-12