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The Clay Pot that YOU Built!

AIM: To introduce children to the art of clay pot making


Materials: Book The Pot that Juan Built about Mexican clay pot maker, Juan Quezada. one or more small clay pots, air-dried clay (red or white; broken into about an adult handful each for children to handle), water spray gun, newspapers, smocks. Optional: reproductions of different clay pots and plastic forks

1,2,3 Art (First Day of School)

Middle School students are just learning how to form opinions, and appreciate the opportunity to express them constructively. A 1,2,3 questionnaire can be used in the first art class to get input from the students, and to make them feel appreciated. 

Ballou High School Marching Band Documentary Lesson Plans

Colin Powell, America’s Promise, and its Five Points

Earth Day Poster

Objective: The students will use cognitive skills to create an advertisement for Earth Day, using large letters, few words, and artwork that communicates meaning.

Sunshine State Standards
A. media, techniques and processes
1.3 organization/principles of design
B non-verbal communication of meaning
E Contextual life skills


An Elementary Reading Literacy Development Lesson

Target Group: 10 second-grade students in a class, both English native students (different ethnics and races) and ESL learners (2 persons)

Platypus in Crisis

Activity: RAFT


You are the Australian Minister of Fisheries and Wildlife and will be speaking to the members of Parliament concerning an urgent environmental issue. The task before you is to create an oral and visual presentation outlining the short-term AND long-term goals designed to achieve the desired outcome as stated in the handout below.



Great Barrier Reef-Guarding Nemo



  • gather information on the Great Barrier Reef, and understand the environmental importance of coral reefs and the threats to reefs' conservation
  • learn about the concept of ecotourism


Write A Rap Song


Grade Level: 5, 6, 7, 8


  • Arts/Music

Duration: 2-3 class sessions

I Am A Word: Words as Names

Grade Levels: 1-2

Subject: Language arts, parts of speech, nouns

Description: This lesson introduces the idea that some words (nouns--if you are introducing this term) are the names of persons, places or things. Secondarily, it introduces the idea that words are conventions that are applied to things.

Rhyming With Pancakes

Subject: Language Arts/Rhyming

Description: This is a lesson that introduces the concept of rhyming through use of common items typically associated with making and eating pancakes.

Goals: Student will develop an understanding of the concept of rhyme and rhyming and how rhyme is typically used.