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Introduction to video camera functions

Lesson Plan #1



Course: Introduction to Video Production


Unit: 1

Lesson Number:  1


Enduring Understanding (Objective): Camera Functions


Types of Communities


 Different Types of Communities



The students will:

o      discuss experiences they have had in the mountains;

o      identify North America on the map;

The Greatest Treasure

The Greatest Treasure


Ethics: Academic Cheating

The following items should be incorporated in the teacher’s daily lesson plans:


SED Standards: 

1, 2, 3, and 4

Student’s Learning Objectives:

Learning Rhythms and Note Durations

Class: Music Theory

Unit: Rhythm

Teacher: Mr. G

Understanding Story Elements

Objective/Purpose:            SWBAT create a plot mountain for their independent novel

                                    SWBAT breakdown the novel into the component parts