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How to Write with Vivid Verbs

SUBJECT: Language Arts - Using Very Vivid Verbs


How to Write with Alliteration

SUBJECT: Language Arts - Alliteration


Gymnastics Skills


 Activity title: Gymnastics skills (Hand spring, vaulting horse, forward roll,

Cart wheel, backward roll, hand stand, headstand, balance, leap, lung position and jump ball

Intended stage: from first grade to third grade



This is a mini-booklet for students to keep and use - for a long time. 

I chose 7th grade, but it could be used from probably 4-12 and adults. 

I am including the master pages - 2, and an instruction sheet for

copying and folding it. 

I may be contacted for comments or questions. 

Antionette Kimball



The Golden Clapper Board Award

Looking for different ways to encourage collaborative learning? Launch your own video contest and turn your students into young filmmakers. Call it the Golden Clapper Board Award, and explain the contest aims to inspire and reward young talent in the field of video making.


Crazy Cow Compares & Contrasts:


Compare and Contrast lesson plan materials required:

    A granola bar and a candy bar; and/or a one dollar bill and a quarter

    A chalkboard or whiteboard

    Crazy Cow Compare & Contrast Lesson Plan Venn Diagrams and Pictures Handout (

    The children's picture book- Cow Can’t Sleep by Ken Baker, illustrated by Steve Gray (ISBN-0761461981)

Using Rhythm Instruments to tell a story.

Lesson Plan Title: What Would I do?

Concept / Topic To Teach: Using rhythm instruments with songs to represent actions in a story.

Standards Addressed: Playing instruments with group, composition.

Teaching Children Digital Photography