Sun Devil Television Programming

SDTV News is the only program in the station to be produced on a daily basis, and can be considered as one of the more dominant program genres on the channel's schedule. (other programs take longer to produce). The news airs around noon each day, and in one-hour intervals thereafter until 6 p.m. local time.

In fall of 2005, the news presentations received extensive reforms under the management of news director Kunal Patel. A department volunteer at the time, Kenneth Wong, initiated these new changes into the news and evolved the format into what it is today. The reforms continued after Wong and Nissania Trujillo became News Directors in January 2006. The reforms included the addition of news graphics and innovative ticker bar features. Continued reforms and changes to news presentations were made after Jordan La Pier joined Trujillo in the News Director position in August 2006.

SDTV also airs Cronkite NewsWatch, a professional news program made by advanced journalism students in the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication during prime time hours every week.

Sports and Light Entertainment
A dedicated team of volunteers are responsible for the sports department at SDTV. Depending on the time, they would produce programs about the relevant teams of the time. The programs include interviews with star players, game updates, and other discussions in regards to the season.

Likewise, a dedicated team of volunteers produces two light entertainment programs at SDTV. In 2005, light entertainment programs became less prominent, as the channel becomes dominated with sports and news programs. However, this situation is beginning to turn around, as the station begins to produce more light entertainment programs.

The station broadcasts some form of programs (be it student produced or MTV feeds) 24 hours a day. Student-produced programs officially begins at noon each day with the broadcast of the flagship news program, which is repeated every hour until 6PM, when two student-produced shows are shown. This is followed by a feature movie at 7PM. The programs aired during 6PM and 6:30PM are repeated at 9PM and 9:30PM. Afterwards, two feature movies are shown, at 10PM and 12AM respectively. Afterwards, the station closes down, and rejoins MTVU's music programs.