March 2018 Website Updates

Notes from Editor: Website Updates Month of March 2018 (3/1/2018-3/31/2018):

Social Media Shares: 2,287 Shares on K12 Academics via social media users for the month of March 2018 resulting in 81,622 Unique Visitors direct from Social Media Platforms.
Total Shares: 8,243 Shares on K12 Academics via social media users in 2018 resulting in 232,936 Unique Visitors direct from Social Media Platforms for 2018.

New Affiliates

New Directories: 4 New Directories
Boys Schools in Australia: All Boys Independent Schools in Australia

Christian Colleges: Christian Colleges in the United States

Collegiate Recovery Programs: College and University Programs providing a supportive environment for those recovering from Substance Abuse problems.

Fashion Schools: Schools and Universities offering programs and degrees in the Fashion Design industry.

2018 Traffic: 1,055,534 Unique Visitors / 5,648,945 Unique Page Views / 14,472,756 Hits
Monthly Website Traffic: 351,845 Unique Visitors / 1,882,982 Unique Page Views / 4,824,252 Hits
March 2018: 356,612 Unique Visitors / 1,976,193 Unique Page Views / 5,066,302 Hits
Week of 3/25/18 (3/19/18-3/25/18): 86,632 Unique Visitors / 407,709 Unique Page Views / 1,198,818 Hits
Week of 3/18/18 (3/12/18-3/18/18): 86,452 Unique Visitors / 558,271 Unique Page Views / 1,297,465 Hits
Week of 3/11/18 (3/4/18-3/11/18): 77,801 Unique Visitors / 459,340 Unique Page Views / 1,141,867 Hits
Week of 3/4/18 (2/26/18-3/3/18): 76,769 Unique Visitos / 382,811 Unique Page Views / 1,082,620 Hits

New Business: 168 New businesses in 2018 (As of March 2018)
Website Profiles: K12 Academics would like to welcome 47 new businesses to the site for the Month of March 2018 (3/1/2018-3/30/2018)
Afterschool Programs: 1 Listing
Bricks 4 Kidz - North Charlotte, NC

Agricultural Colleges:1 Listing
Utah State University- Logan, UT

American Colleges & Universities Abroad: 1 Listing
Franklin University Switzerland- Sorengo, Switzerland

Amusement Parks: 1 Listing
Sky Zone Trampoline Park - Newark, NJ

Camps: 3 Listings
NR Computer Learning Center- Orange, CA

UT Dallas Coding Camps- Richardson, TX

GEZ: Girls Empowerment Zone 2018 Summer Experience- Blue Bell, PA

Catering: 1 Listing
Twohey's/Three Sisters Catering- South Pasadena, CA

Financial Aid:1 Listing
Oregon Collectors Association Hasson/Newman Memorial Scholarship Fund- Tualatin, OR

IB Schools: 1 Listing
Floyd Central High School- Floyds Knobs, IN

Independent Schools: 1 Listing
Creation Kids Village- Celebration, FL

Language Schools: 1 Listing
Barclay Languages- Cuba

Libraries: 1 Listing
Frost Free Library- Marlborough, MA

Online Colleges: 1 Listing
Walsh University Online- North Canton, OH

Photographers: 2 Listings
Steve Wesley Photography- Fairfax Station, VA

Teephill Productions¬- Little Rock, AR

Professional Development: 1 Listing
Engaging Math and Science Students in Engineering Design- Philadelphia, PA

Public Schools: 2 Listings
University View Academy- Baton Rouge, LA

Solaborate- Rancho Cucamonga, CA

School Supplies & Teacher Stores: 1 Listing
K12 Book Services- Columbus, OH

School Assemblies:1 Listing
Mad Science of St. Louis- St. Louis, MO

School Field Trips: 1 Listing
The Printing Museum- Houston, TX

School Vendors: 14 Listings
Technical Marketing Systems, Inc.- Tulsa, OK

ACP Facility Services Inc- Orlando, FL

Enterprise Systems Corporation- Houston, TX

Koll Ltd- Highwood, IL

illostrative gallerie & Buffalo, NY

Advanced Protective Technologies- Destin, FL

AMDi- Farmingdale, NY

eMars Inc.- Scottsdale, AZ

PlayCare, LLC- Troy, OH

DJ Darron Faison- Florida

Jaguar Educational Inc- Sarasota, FL

Apples and Oranges Public Relations LLC- New York, NY

ACS Property Services- Walnut, CA

Kassl Emergency Management Consulting¬ Los Angeles, CA

Summer Schools: 1 Listing
American University's Community of Scholars Program- Washington, D.C.

Support Services: 1 Listing
Clinic for Attention, Learning, & Memory (CALM)- Minneapolis, MN

Teaching Abroad Programs: 1 Listing
International TEFL and TESOL Training- Online, Worldwide

Trade Schools: 2 Listings
L Makeup Institute- Las Vegas, NV

The Avenue Academy, A Cosmetology Institute- Albuquerque, NM

Volunteer Abroad Programs: 4 Listings
Painters: Bring out of school children to school- Kenya

English Teachers: Bring out of school children to school- Kenya

Library Fundraiser: Bring out of school children to school- Kenya

Classroom Fundraiser: Bring out of school children to school- Kenya

Volunteer Programs: 2 Listings
Trusted Parents- Charlotte, NC

Car Washers- Norfolk, VA

K12 Academics Renewals: K12 Academics would like to welcome 18 new businesses to the site for another year!
Blind Schools: 1 Listing
St. Joseph's School for the Blind- Jersey City, NJ

Boarding Schools:1 Listing
Chatham Hall- Chatham, VA

Camps: 2 Listings
Chatham Hall- Chatham, VA

The Vineyard¬- Westfield, NC

Charter Buses: 2 Listings
Suburbab Transit- New Brunswick, NJ

Gap Year Programs: 1 Listing
The Aegean Center for the Fine Arts- Greece

Graduate Schools: 1 Listing
Historic Preservation Program, College of Environment and Design, University of Georgia- Athens, GA

Independent Schools: 2 Listings
Valor Christian Academy- Redondo Beach, CA

Echo Horizon School- Culver City, CA

Playground Equipment: 1 Listing
Landscape Structures Inc.- South Delano, MN

Professional Development & Teacher Workshops: 1 Listing
Mathematics, Writing, Reading Professional Development at the Center for Professional Learning (CPL at SSSAS)- Alexandria, VA

School Assemblies: 1 Listing
Midwest School Assemblies- Sterling Heights, MI

School Vendors: 3 Listings
ASL Interpreter Referral Service, Inc.- Somerset, NJ

Landscape Structures Inc.- South Delano, MN

DigIt Signage Technologies Corporation- Melville, NY

Study Abroad Programs: 1 Listing
The Aegean Center for the Fine Arts- Greece

Support Services: 1 Listing
The School Solution- Glencoe, IL