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K12 Academics Catalog: August 2023

Client Message:
Excel Dryer is the manufacturer of the finest American-made, touchless hand dryers and accessories to help commercial facilities create a hygienic restroom environment. Their products created the high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryer category, redefining the public perception of hand dryers and setting a new standard for performance, reliability, and sustainability. The company's safe, hygienic hand drying solutions provide an effective way to achieve completely dry hands, the top defense against the spread of germs.

The company has recently moved to using Electrostatic HEPA Filters as an option in their XLERATOR® and XLERATOReco® dryers, and standard in their XLERATORsync® hand dryers since Electrostatic HEPA Filters allow for increased air flow with less media for more consistent performance. Additionally, Electrostatic HEPA Filters are more durable than standard glass media HEPA Filters. Their new LMS Technologies testing proved electrostatic HEPA filters remove 99.999% of viruses and 99.97% of bacteria from the air stream.

In addition, their Surface Mounted, ADA Compliant ThinAir® hand dryer is now available with Electrostatic HEPA Filtration. There are more cover and finish options now available with ThinAir, including White Painted Cover (TA-W), Graphite Textured Painted Cover (TA-GR), Special Painted Cover (TA-SP), and Custom Image Cover (TA-SI). With the option to include Electrostatic HEPA Filtration, more cover options, and adjustable speed, sound, and heat, the ThinAir Hand Dryer is the ideal ADA-Compliant solution to install in your school's restroom.

Features Clients of K12 Academics for August-September 2023:
St. Stephen's School: We are an English-language international school in the heart of Rome whose small size and stimulating collaborative environment offer students a transformative college preparatory experience anchored by the highest standards of academic excellence. St. Stephen's is a four-year, independent, non-denominational, boarding and day school that draws on the strengths of both American and European education traditions to give our students a deeper understanding of the world grounded in western culture. Through close mentoring, intellectual inquiry and inspired teaching in a small class setting, we motivate students to reach their fullest potential and take responsibility for their academic achievement, which readies them for the most competitive universities on both sides of the Atlantic and the joys and benefits of lifelong learning. We foster a warm, collaborative environment - enriched by a vibrant boarding program - so young people gain the confidence to find their true balance and engage fully as caring citizens in a diverse international community. We examine the rich historical layers of Rome as a source for academic inspiration and encourage students to engage its dynamic urban environment. We strive to provide a holistic preparatory experience that lays the foundation for continued academic achievement and a fulfilling life.

Lakeside Supply Company: Founded in 1933 as a wholesale vendor of plumbing, heating and industrial supplies to northern Ohio, our goal has always been to exceed customer requirements and expectations. Much has changed since our company's inception, but our commitment to servicing the needs of our customers has remained the same. This is our purpose and the reason for our continued success.

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K12 Academics Business: 466 Businesses registered in 2023; 44 Businesses registered for the month of August 2023
ADHD Schools: 1 Listing
The Vanguard School- Lake Wales, FL

Afterschool Programs: 1 Listing
Launch Dance Works, LLC- Sugar Land, TX

Apprenticeship Programs: 2 Listings
GSK- Philadelphia, PA

Houston Plumbing and Gas School- Houston, TX

Boarding Schools: 1 Listing
The Vanguard School- Lake Wales, FL

Chemical Engineering Schools: 1 Listing
Stevens Institute of Technology- Hoboken, NJ

College Vendors: 1 Listing
MAX-Ability, Inc.- Santa Rosa, CA

Collegiate Recovery Programs: 1 Listing
The University of Mississippi- University, MS

Dyslexia Schools: 1 Listing
The Vanguard School- Lake Wales, FL

Educational Publishers: 1 Listing
Mrs. Beers Language Arts Classroom- Cincinnati, OH

Graduate Schools: 1 Listing
University of Hartford- West Hartford, CT

Independent Schools: 1 Listing
The Vanguard School- Lakes Wales, FL

Language Schools: 1 Listing
Speak Like a Mexican- Mexico

Montessori Schools: 1 Listing
Neshaminy Montessori- Trevose, PA

Museum Vendors: 1 Listing
MAX-Ability, Inc- Santa Rosa, CA

Nord Anglia Schools: 1 Listing
Nord Anglia International School New York- Manhattan, NY

Playground Vendors: 1 Listing
Gulf Coast Recreation- Conroe, TX

School Field Trips: 1 Listing
Coral Castle Museum- Miami, FL

School Vendors: 22 Listings
Veracruz Enterprises LLC- Duncanville, TX

Georgia Time Recorder Co., Inc.- Lawrenceville, GA


Lakeside Supply Company- Cleveland, OH

Gaumard Scientific Co., Inc.- Miami, FL

Avery Gallery, Inc.- Marietta, GA

Melissa Corp- Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Texas Interpreters Fellowship- San Antonio, TX

Ispiro Corp- Lake Forest, CA

Bogush Plumbing- Wallington, NJ

Prismatic Magic Laser School Assemblies- Kinnelon, NJ

Greater Good Tech- Lighthouse Point, FL

Gran Via Professional ESL and Bilingual Consulting- Red Oak, TX

Pathway To Purpose- Brooklyn, NY

AnD Cable Products, Inc- Concord, CA

LaGIRALDA, LLC.- Richardson, TX

Soxnet,Inc- La Puente, CA

AcuBracelet- Aberdeen, WA

The Institute of Cultural Affairs - USA- Chicago, IL

TeamBuildr- Silver Spring, MD

MAX-Ability, Inc- Santa Rosa, CA

Reftab LLC­ New York, NY

Special Education Schools: 1 Listing
The Vanguard School- Lake Wales, FL

Study Abroad Programs: 1 Listing
Intern NZ and Intern OZ- Australia/New Zealand

Support Services: 1 Listing
On Second Thought, LLC- West Islip, NY

Volunteer Programs: 1 Listing
Center of Concern- Des Plaines, IL

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