Week of 2-21-10

Notes from Editor: Website Updates Week of 2/21/10 (2/15/10-2/21/10)

New Content:
At Risk Afterschool Programs: Afterschool programs for At-risk students has been included under ‘Students in Crisis’

Substance Abuse: Information regarding substance abuse has been included under ‘Students in Crisis’. Information includes prevention, classification, drug rehabilitation, history and mediators & moderators

Coming Soon:
3/1/10- Camp Supplies: Business providing camp supplies for Camp owners

3/15/10- Eating Disorder Centers: Featuring Clinics, Day Treatment, Emotional Eating programs, Extended Cares, Family Counselors, Group Counselors, Halfway Houses, Holistic Services, Individual Counselors, Inpatient Services, Nutrition Counselors, Outpatient Care, Outpatient Services, Psychopharmacologists, Residential Treatment, Support Groups, Treatment Centers, Therapists

3/29/10- Substance Abuse Centers: Featuring : Hospital Inpatient, Outpatient, Partial hospitalization/day treatment, Residential short-term treatment , Residential long-term treatment.

Website Profiles: Website Profiles: K12 Academics would like to welcome 11 new businesses to the site for the week of 2/21/10 (2/15/10-2/21/10):

Afterschool Programs: 2 Listings
MetroWest YMCA Out-of-School Time Program – Hopkinton, MA

MetroWest YMCA-Hopkinton Branch OST- Hopkinton, MA

Volunteer Programs: 1 Listing
Higher Learning Network,NFP- Chicago, IL

Study Abroad Programs: 1 Listing
South America Inside- Chile

Substance Abuse Centers: 1 Listing
Whiteside Manor- Riverside, CA

Summer Camps: 1 Listing
S.M.I.L.E. Summer Camp- Ohio Special Needs Camp

Independent Schools: 1 Listing
Calvert Hall College High School- Baltimore, MD

Lutheran Schools: 1 Listing
The Lutheran Academy- Allentown, PA

Exhibits & Museum: 1 Listing
Quincy Mine Hoist Association- Hancock, MI

IB Schools: 1 Listing
Hickory High School- Hickory, NC

Charter Schools: 1 Listing
The Academy for Technology and the Classics- Sante Fe, NM

Website Traffic: Week of 2/14/10 (2/8/10-2/14/10):
387,068 Hits
102,098 Unique Page Views
21,500 Unique Visitors

Coming Soon to K12 Academics: The following directories will be going live on the website in the coming months.
3/1/10- Camp Supplies: Business providing camp supplies for Camp owners
3/15/10- Eating Disorder Centers: Treatment services for those with eating disorders.
3/29/10- Substance Abuse Centers: Treatment services for those battling substance abuse addictions.
4/12/10- Summer Schools: Summer School Programs
4/26/10- Vocational High Schools: Public Vocational High Schools
5/10/10- School Vendors- Businesses providing supplies to schools and school districts

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