November 2020 Website Updates

Notes from Editor: Website Updates Month of November 2020 (11/1/20-11/30/20)

2020 Traffic: 6,472,491 Unique Visitors / 24,313,036 Unique Page Views / 63,993,282 Hits
Monthly Website Traffic: 588,408 Unique Visitors / 2,210,276 Unique Page Views / 5,817,571 Hits
November 2020 Traffic: 476,917 Unique Visitors / 1,956,152 Unique Page Views / 5,965,795 Hits
Week of 11/29/20 (11/23/20-11/29/20): 105,182 Unique Visitors / 497,513 Unique Page Views / 1,435,879 Hits
Week of 11/22/20 (11/16/20-11/22/20): 117,517 Unique Visitors / 564,931 Unique Page Views / 1,486,866 Hits
Week of 11/15/20 (11/9/20-11/15/20): 112,959 Unique Visitors / 396,108 Unique Page Views / 1,423,341 Hits
Week of 11/8/20 (11/2/20-11/8/20): 125,146 Unique Visitors / 388,569 Unique Page Views / 1,306,937 Hits

New Business: 661New Businesses in 2020 (As of November 2020); 43 New Businesses in
November 2020
Afterschool Programs: 2 Listings

Rock to the Future - Virtual Music Programs- Virtual

Architecture Schools: 1 Listing
Norwich University - School of Architecture + Art- Northfield, VT

Autism Schools: 1 Listing
Carolina Collaborative Prep- Charlotte, NC

Bible Colleges: 1 Listing
Arlington Baptist University- Arlington, TX

Bilingual Immersion Programs: 2 Listings
Harney Elementary- Vancouver, WA

Lucas Elementary Dual Language Academy- Ceres, CA

Catholic Schools: 1 Listing
Saint Ursula Academy- Cincinnati, OH

Charter Buses: 1 Listing
Kelly Tours, Inc.- Savannah/Garden City, GA

Chemical Engineering Schools: 1 Listing
University of Colorado Boulder- Boulder, CO

ESL Schools: 1 Listing
Tennessee Tech's Center for English as a Second Language- Cookeville, TN

Gifted Schools: 1 Listing
The Carol Martin Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science- Bowling Green, KY

Independent Schools: 2 Listings
Woodland School- Portola Valley, CA

Annunciation Catholic Academy- Altamonte Springs, FL

Journalism Schools: 1 Listing
University of Mississippi - School of Journalism & New Media- Oxford, MS

Language Schools: 1 Listing
Italiano-con-Sarah- Zurich, Switzerland

Office Vendors: 1 Listing
CDEnterprisesFL- Tampa, FL

Online Schools: 2 Listings
Villa Madonna Academy- Villa Hills, KY

Computational Thinkers- Honolulu, HI

Precollege Programs: 1 Listing
CCU Academy- Lakewood, CO

Professional Development/Teacher Workshops: 1 Listing
Navigating New Realities in Schools WEBINAR November 18, 2020 2:00 PM EST

Public Schools: 1 Listing
Munster High School- Munster, IN

School Assemblies: 1 Listing
Chinese Theatre Works- Long Island City, NY

School Districts: 1 Listing
Montclair Public Schools- Essex County, NJ

School Field Trips: 1 Listing
Detroit Historical Museum- Detroit, MI

School Vendors: 11 Listings
Halosil International- New Castle, DE

BioBarrier360- Austin, TX

McClean Photography- San Diego, CA

CDEnterprisesFL- Tampa, FL

Technology Crest Corporation- Gold River, CA

Straightway Solutions LLC- Duncanville, TX

Stanfield Roofing, Inc.- El Dorado, KS

Totally Yours Medical Supply, LLC- Sunrise, FL

A & I Security and Investigation, LLC- Philadelphia, PA

The Rhonda M. Glover Group LLC- Washington, D.C.

Meadows Home Remodeling LLC- Spencer, NC

Summer Schools: 1 Listing
Summer at Garrison Forest- Owings Mills, MD

UK Friends Schools: 1 Listing
Ackworth School- Ackworth, Pontefract, UK

Virtual Learning Environments: 1 Listing

Volunteer Programs: 4 Listings
Children's Council of San Francisco- San Francisco, CA

PEACE, Inc. Big Brothers Big Sisters- North Syracuse, NY

Red Cross Volunteer - Chattanooga- Chattanooga, TN

Relief, Inc.- Modesto, CA

Renewals: 210 Renewals in 2020 (As of November 2020); 26 Renewals for November
Adult Schools: 1 Listing
College of Southern Maryland- La Plata, MD

All Girls Schools: 1 Listing
Chatham Hall- Chatham, VA

American Colleges/Universities Abroad: 1 Listing
Concordia University Irvine- China

Boarding Schools: 2 Listings
Chatham Hall- Chatham, VA

Idyllwild Arts- Idyllwild, CA

Camps: 2 Listings
Idyllwild Arts Summer Program- Idyllwild, CA

Camp SAY- East Stroudsburg, PA

Christian Schools: 1 Listing
Bellevue Christian School- Clyde Hill, WA

Driving Schools: 1 Listing
Cantor's Driving School, LLC­- Deerfield Beach, FL

Episcopal Schools: 3 Listings
Holy Trinity Episcopal Day School- Glenn Dale/Bowie, MD

Chatham Hall- Chatham, VA

St. Mark's Episcopal Academy- Cocoa, FL

Forestry Colleges: 1 Listing
University of Vermont- Burlington, VT

Independent Schools: 4 Listings
Hebron Academy- Hebron, ME

Chatham Hall- Chatham, VA

Christian Victory Academy of Central Florida Inc.- Orlando, FL

Idyllwild Arts- Idyllwild, CA

Montessori Schools: 1 Listing
Montessori Visions Academy- Las Vegas, NV

Postgraduate Schools: 1 Listing
Idyllwild Arts- Idyllwild, CA

School Travel: 1 Listing
Lagerhead Cycleboats- Forty Myers Beach, FL

School Vendors: 4 Listings
CO2Meter- Ormond Beach, FL


Environmental Design Inc.- Pennsauken, NJ

ASL Interpreter Referral Service, Inc.- Somerset, NJ

Special Needs: 1 Listing
Carpe Diem Academy- Miami/Key Largo, FL

Teaching Abroad Programs: 1 Listing
Concordia University Irvine- China