May 2021 Website Updates

Notes from Editor: Website Updates Month of May 2021 (5/1/21-5/31/21)

Global Oversight LLC- Global Oversight LLC is a technical solutions company that develops innovative risk management tools for safety and security applications. We are pleased to offer Eden SafeBase as a web and smartphone application designed to create a secure, seamless communication and information loop within your institution or organization. Eden SafeBase privately connects administration, faculty, and staff who are physically on-site, working remotely, or from a virtual workspace within your school community platform with management and risk-reduction tools that facilitate day-to-day operations and communications as well as communication and location tracking during a crisis or natural disaster event. We invite schools, organizations and businesses working under scheduled, hybrid, or mandated state re-openings in 2021 to see how Eden SafeBase can help you to transition to in-person settings privately, simply, and safely. Find us at or contact us with questions at

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New Business: 249 New Businesses in 2021 (As of May 2021); 39 New Businesses in May
Art Colleges: 1 Listing
Huntington University- Huntington, IN

Camp Vendors: 1 Listing
Global Oversight LLC- Monmouth, OR

Camps: 2 Listings
IGM Gymnastics Summer Camps- Burnsville, MN

Aqua-Tots Swim Schools Coppell- Coppell, TX

Canada Schools Abroad: 1 Listing
Great Lakes College of Toronto- Ontario, Canada

Charter Buses: 1 Listing

College Vendors: 2 Listings

Global Oversight LLC- Monmouth, OR

Dominican Schools: 1 Listing
ICA Cristo Rey Academy- San Francisco, CA

Fashion Schools: 1 Listing
Kansas State University- Manhattan, KS

Financial Aid: 1 Listing
Future Leaders in Tech- National

Independent Schools: 3 Listings
Zion Childcare and Kindergarten- Galt, CA

Mater Dei Catholic High School- Chula Vista, CA

Terra Marin School- Mill Valley, CA

Library Vendors: 1 Listing
Global Oversight LLC- Monmouth, OR

Museum Vendors: 1 Listing
Global Oversight LLC- Monmouth, OR

Office Vendors: 1 Listing
Global Oversight LLC- Monmouth, OR

Physical Therapy Schools: 1 Listing
South College- Asheville, NC

Public Schools: 3 Listings
Mater Academy St. Cloud- Saint Cloud, FL

Newman International Academy of Mansfield- Mansfield, TX

Newman International Academy - Gibbins Campus- Arlington, TX

School Bus Vendors: 1 Listing
Global Monmouth, OR

School Vendors: 13 Listings
PPG Global llc.- Tomball, TX

Sicilian Village- League City, TX

Olas Organic Coffee, Herbal Coffee Inc.- Milpitas, CA

Downtown Digital USA- Knoxville, TN

Hiscomp LLC- Accokeek, MD

Overton's Grading, LLC- Ridgeville, SC

Evolution Alliance- Los Angeles, CA

Global Oversight LLC- Monmouth, OR

Code Red Audits LLC- Greenwood Village, CO

Corporate Intelligence Consultants- Perrysburg, OH

Orangetheory Fitness- Auburn, AL

GingerSec, LLC- Phoenix, AZ

Recon Technical Solutions Inc.- Midlothian, TX

Special Needs: 1 Listing
Jonathan S Corchnoy, Esquire- Sarasota, FL

STEM Schools: 1 Listing
Spring Valley High School- Columbia, SC

Summer Sessions: 1 Listing
Huntington University- Huntington, IN

Trade Schools: 1 Listing
Paul Mitchell the School Tampa- Tampa, FL

Renewals: 104 Renewals in 2021 (As of May 2021); 15 Renewals for May
ADHD Schools: 1 Listing
Noble Academy- Greensboro, NC

Catholic Schools: 1 Listing
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School- San Ysidro, CA

Christian Schools: 1 Listing
Carroll Lutheran School- Westminster, MD

Dyslexia Schools: 1 Listing
Noble Academy- Greensboro, NC

ESL Schools: 1 Listing
Ball State University Intensive English Institute- Muncie, IN

Independent Schools: 2 Listings
The Gateway School- New York, NY

St. John's College High School- NW, Washington D.C.

Online Schools: 1 Listing
Noble Academy- Greensboro, NC

Playground Vendors: 1 Listing
General Recreation, Inc.- Newtown Square, PA

School Field Trips: 1 Listing
Newport Landing Whale Watching- Newport Beach, CA

School Supplies & Teacher Stores: 1 Listing
Feiner Supply- Oakland Park, FL

School Vendors: 3 Listings
National Security & Protective Services, Inc.- Fort Worth, TX

Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc.- Dallas, TX

General Recreation, Inc.- Newtown Square, PA

Special Education Schools: 1 Listing
Noble Academy- Greensboro, NC