September 2021 Website Updates

Notes from Editor: Website Updates Month of September 2021 (9/1/21-9/30/21)

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Monthly Website Traffic: 559,839 Unique Visitors / 1,996,286 Unique Page Views / 7,181,693 Hits
September 2021 Traffic: 546,182 Unique Visitors / 2,083,766 Unique Page Views / 7,501,319 Hits
Week of 9/26/21 (9/20/21-9/26/21): 100,643 Unique Visitors / 406,487 Unique Pageviews/ 1,545,597 Hits
Week of 9/19/21 (9/13/21-9/19/21): 132,288 Unique Visitors / 538,430 Unique Pageviews / 2,065,936 Hits
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Week of 9/5/21 (8/30/21-9/5/21): 135,968 Unique Visitors / 440,988 Unique Pageviews / 1,486,053 Hits

New Resource Information:
Education during COVID-19

Education in the United States during COVID-19

New Business: 370 New Businesses in 2021 (As of September 2021); 26 New Businesses in September
Afterschool Programs: 1 Listing
Stamford Family YMCA LEAD Academy- Stamford, CT

Autism Schools: 1 Listing
Puzzle Box Academy- Palm Bay, FL

Bible Colleges: 1 Listing
Pacific Theological Seminary- San Diego, CA

Catholic Schools: 1 Listing
Villa Maria Academy Lower School- Malvern, PA

Christian Schools: 1 Listing
Augusta Christian Schools- Martinez, GA

Financial Aid: 1 Listing
Safe for All: Florida Visitors Roadway Safety Scholarship- Tampa, FL

Graduate Schools: 1 Listing
Morehead State University Graduate School- Morehead, KY

Interior Design Schools: 2 Listings
Ball State University- Muncie, IN

Cornell University - College of Human Ecology- Ithaca, NY

International Schools: 1 Listing
Anand Singapore International School Chennai- Chennai, India

Online Schools: 1 Listing
HSC Learning Center- Philadelphia, PA

Playground Vendors: 1 Listing
A-OK Playgrounds- Austin, TX

School Vendors: 7 Listings
Medify Air, LLC- Deerfield Beach, FL


Thompson Flags and Flagpoles- New Bern, NC

Verbatim Language Services, Inc- Waynesville, NC

Vision Harmony, LLC- Chino Hills, CA

ComSource, Inc.- Plymouth, MI

Perception Manufacturing LLC- Santa Fe Springs, CA

Special Education Schools: 2 Listings
Bridge Preparatory Academy- Richmond, TX

The Midland School- North Branch, NJ

Summer Sessions: 1 Listing
Pacific Theological Seminary- San Diego, CA

Theological Seminaries: 1 Listing
Pacific Theological Seminary- San Diego, CA

Volunteer Programs: 2 Listings
Pajama Program- New York, NY

Associated Ministries- Tacoma, WA

Waldorf Schools: 1 Listing
The Waldorf School of Garden City- Garden City, NY

Renewals: 176 Renewals in 2021 (As of September 2021); 8 Renewals for September
Catholic Schools: 1 Listing
Royal Palm Academy- Naples, FL

Classical Christian Schools: 1 Listing
Clapham School- Wheaton, IL

ESL Schools: 2 Listings
Ball State University Intensive English Institute- Muncie, IN

Drexel University English Language Center- Philadelphia, PA

School Vendors: 1 Listing
Rudolph's Office & Computer Supply, Inc.- Elkridge, MD

Special Education Schools: 1 Listing
Cumberland Academy of Georgia- Atlanta, GA

Summer Schools: 1 Listing
Choate Rosemary Hall- Wallingford, CT

Truck Driving Schools: 1 Listing
Southern State Community College Truck Driving Academy- Wilmington, OH