June 2021 Website Updates

Notes from Editor: Website Updates Month of June 2021 (6/1/21-6/30/21)

New Directories: 22 Directories
Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Schools
Oriental medicine aims to restore the body's balance and harmony between the natural opposing forces of yin and yang, which can block qi and cause disease. Oriental medicine includes acupuncture, diet, herbal therapy, meditation, physical exercise, and massage. Also called TCM and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Applied and Clinical Sociology Programs
Applied or clinical sociology uses sociological insights or methods to guide practice, research, or social reform. Learning Objectives. Identify ways sociology is applied in the real world.

Classical Christian Colleges
Classical, Christian Colleges provide the best possible education to help every child reach their God-given potential, promoting Classical Christian Education.

Court Reporting Programs
Courting Reporting is a person whose occupation is to capture the live testimony in proceedings using voice writing and/or a stenographic machine, thereby transforming the proceedings into an official certified transcript by nature of their training, certification, and usually licensure. This can include courtroom hearings and trials, depositions, sworn statements, and more.

Criminal Justice Sciences Programs
The study of criminal justice and corrections involves research methods for criminology, criminological theory and the psychology behind criminal behavior. Those in this field work to help society operate safely and effectively.

Dyslexia Colleges
Dyslexia is characterized by trouble with reading despite normal intelligence. Problems may include difficulties in spelling words, reading quickly, writing words, "sounding out" words in the head, pronouncing words when reading aloud and understanding what one reads.

Environmental Health Academic Programs
Environmental health is the branch of public health concerned with all aspects of the natural and built environment affecting human health. Environmental health focused on the natural and built environments for the benefit of human health. The major subdisciplines of environmental health are: environmental science; environmental and occupational medicine, toxicology and epidemiology.

Family & Consumer Science Programs
Family and consumer sciences studies the relationship between individuals, families, and communities and the environment in which they live.

Food Sciences & Technology Programs
Food and Science Technology focuses on the application of biological, chemical, and physical principles to the study of converting raw agricultural products into processed forms suitable for direct human consumption, and the storage of such products.

Homeopathy Schools
Homeopathy or homoeopathy is a pseudoscientific system of alternative medicine. Homeopathy is an alternative medicine. It was created in the 18th century by Samuel Hahnemann. The theory behind homeopathy is that an ill person can be healed with very small amounts of something that produces the symptoms of the illness in a healthy person.

Human Service Education Programs
Human services is an interdisciplinary field of study with the objective of meeting human needs through an applied knowledge base, focusing on prevention as well as remediation of problems, and maintaining a commitment to improving the overall quality of life of service populations.

Jewish Colleges & Universities
A Jewish college is an institution that seeks to education students in not only the standard curriculum, but also the Jewish faith. Jewish colleges have numerous educational departments, including the seminary school.

Latino/Chicano Studies Programs
An academic discipline which studies the experience of people of Hispanic ancestry in the United States. Closely related to other ethnic studies disciplines such as African-American studies, Asian American studies, and Native American studies, Latino studies critically examines the history, culture, politics, issues, sociology, spirituality (Indigenous) and experiences of Hispanic people. Drawing from numerous disciplines such as sociology, history, literature, political science, religious studies and gender studies, Latino studies scholars consider a variety of perspectives and employ diverse analytical tools in their work.

Massage Therapy Schools
Massage Therapy is the manipulation of the muscles and other soft tissues of the body (as by stroking, kneading, or rubbing with one or both hands or an instrument) by a massage therapist for therapeutic purposes (as to relieve pain, promote healing, or improve physical functioning).

Medical Physics Education Programs
Medical Physics is the application of physics to medicine. It uses physics concepts and procedures in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease. Medical Physics includes areas such as Radiotherapy physics, Diagnostic Radiology physics, Nuclear Medicine Physics, and Radiation Protection.

Naturopathic Schools
Naturopathy or naturopathic medicine is a form of alternative medicine that employs an array of pseudoscientific practices branded as natural, non-invasive, or promoting self-healing.

Polygraph Schools
A polygraph examiner conducts polygraph tests, better known as lie detector tests. As highly trained and disciplined technicians, they often give these tests to witnesses, suspects and other individuals involved in a criminal trial.

Psychology and Counseling Schools
Counseling psychologists help people with physical, emotional and mental health issues improve their sense of well‐being, alleviate feelings of distress and resolve crises. They also provide assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of more severe psychological symptoms.

Risk Management and Insurance Programs
Insurance Risk Management is the assessment and quantification of the likelihood and financial impact of events that may occur in the customer's world that require settlement by the insurer; and the ability to spread the risk of these events occurring across other insurance underwriter's in the market.

Sign Language Interpreter Schools
A sign language interpreter is a professional who is fluent in two or more (sign) languages and interprets between a source language and a target language and mediate across cultures. The interpreter's task is to facilitate communication in a neutral manner, ensuring equal access to information and participation.

Textile & Apparel Programs
Textile & Apparel is a general program that focuses on the development of textile products and their distribution and use in terms of the psychological, social, economic, and physical needs of consumers.

Urban Planning Schools
An urban planning degree is a four-year undergraduate program that trains students in the design, engineering, management, and resolution of issues related to urban environments. It includes learning the basics of planning at the level of individual neighborhoods up to cities and regions.

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New Business: 278 New Businesses in 2021 (As of June 2021); 29 New Businesses in June
Boarding Schools: 1 Listing
Army and Navy Academy- Carlsbad, CA

Court Reporting Programs: 1 Listing
South Coast College- Orange, CA

Fashion Schools: 1 Listing
University of Missouri- Columbia, MO

Homeopathy Schools:1 Listing
The British Institute of Homeopathy- Egg Harbor Township, NJ

IB World Schools: 1 Listing
Schloss Krumbach International School- Krumbach, Austria

International Schools: 1 Listing
International School Twente- Netherlands

Public Schools: 2 Listings
Academy of Arts and Knowledge (AAK)- For Collins, CO


School Assemblies: 3 Listings
Joe Gandelman Comic Ventriloquist & Friends- San Diego, CA

Jan Doyle- Branford, CT

Midwest School Shows: Top Rated School Assemblies- Rochester, MI

School Field Trips: 4 Listings
Flagstaff Extreme - NJ- Ledgewood, NJ

Historic Bethlehem Museums & Sites- Bethlehem, PA

Museum of Illusions Orlando- Orlando, FL

Carousel Family Fun Center- Whitman, MA

School Vendors: 13 Listings
Century Mechanical Contractors, Inc.- Fort Worth, TX

Simformotion™ LLC - Cat® Simulators- Peoria, IL


Ecological Outreach Services (EOS)- Grass Valley, CA

Acoustica, Inc.- Oakhust, CA

Rainier American Mask Company, LLC- Tukwila, WA

Gorman Industries, Inc.- Albuquerque, NM

Thomas Charters- Keene, NH

Strategic Lighting- Albuquerque, NM

Miller Buildings, Inc.- Flourtown, PA

WT Services, Inc- Amarillo, TX

DGX Security LLC- Jersey City, NJ

The McFletcher Corporation- Scottsdale, AZ

Textile & Apparel Programs: 1 Listing
University of Missouri- Columbia, MO

Renewals: 120 Renewals in 2021 (As of June 2021); 16 Renewals for June
Camps: 2 Listings
Early Childhood Environments Camps- Philadelphia, PA

Hunters Chase Farms Inc- Wimberley, TX

Catholic Schools: 1 Listing
Orchard Lake St. Mary's Preparatory- Orchard Lake, MI

Colleges & Universities: 1 Listing
Williston State College- Williston, SD

Community Colleges: 1 Listing
Colorado Northwestern Community College- Rangely, CO

Graduate Schools: 1 Listing
Graduate College, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center- Oklahoma City, OK

Independent Schools: 1 Listing
Caulbridge School- San Rafael, CA

Montessori Schools: 1 Listing
Neshaminy Montessori- Trevose, PA

Online Colleges: 1 Listing
Colorado Northwestern Community College- Rangely/Craig, CO

School Field Trips: 3 Listings
Naples Zoo- Naples, FL

President Woodrow Wilson House- Washington, D.C.

Atlanta History Center- Atlanta, GA

School Vendors: 2 Listings
All Partitions & Parts- Troy, MI

Harris & Lee Environmental Sciences- San Rafael, CA

Special Needs Colleges: 1 Listing
Options for College Success- Evanston, IL

Trade Schools: 1 Listing
South Coast College- Orange, CA