September 2022 Website Updates

Notes from Editor: Website Updates Month of September 2022 (9/1/22-9/30/22)

2022 Traffic: 4,344,783 Unique Visitors / 18,237,383 Unique Pageviews / 67,881,057 Hits
Monthly Website Traffic: 482,754 Unique Visitors / 2,026,376 Unique Pageviews / 7,542,340 Hits
September 2022 Traffic: 457,214 Unique Visitors / 2,092,288 Unique Pageviews / 7,031,596 Hits
Week of 9/25/22 (9/19/22-9/25/22): 104,453 Unique Visitors / 491,191 Unique Pageviews / 1,235,634 Hits
Week of 9/18/22 (8/12/22-9/18/22): 111,131 Unique Visitors / 537,680 Unique Pageviews / 1,801,574 Hits
Week of 9/11/22 (9/5/22-9/11/22): 111,666 Unique Visitors / 477,830 Unique Pageviews / 1,741,553 Hits
Week of 9/4/22 (8/29/22-9/4/22): 111,471 Unique Visitors / 422,632 Unique Pageviews / 1,619,996 Hits

New Business: 247 New Businesses in 2022 (As of September 2022); 30 New Businesses in September
Classical Christian Schools: 1 Listing
Eukarya Christian Academy- Stephens City, VA

Episcopal Colleges: 1 Listing
Clarkson College- Omaha, NE

Financial Aid: 1 Listing
Dayspring Pens Scholarship- Virginia Beach, VA

IB Schools: 1 Listing
Barry Goldwater High School- Phoenix, AZ

Language Schools: 1 Listing
QTV Tutor- Karachi, Pakistan

Presbyterian Schools: 1 Listing
The Cor Deo School- Tacoma, WA

Recovery Schools: 1 Listing
Kolbe Academy- Bath, PA

School Assemblies: 1 Listing
Magic Suzy- National

School Field Trips: 1 Listing
Flint Children's Museum- Flint, MI

School Vendors: 19 Listings
EduMEE- National

Tools for Schools, Inc.- Houston, TX

LA Simple Detergent & Cleaning Solution Fundraisers- Lafayette, LA

Heart of Gold Enterprise- Altamonte Springs/Orlando, FL

Dump Dolly, LLC- San Angelo, TX

Dope Nerds VR Edutainment- Baltimore, MD

Rehabmart, LLC- Watkinsville, GA

Chicago Backflow, Inc- Alsip, IL

Starlion Distribution- Parma, OH

Triangle Tree Service & Landscaping- Pinellas Park, FL


Ready Logistics- Charlotte, NC

Southern Roots Vegan Bakery- San Antonio, TX

Happi-Nappi- Memphis, TN

Transfigure LLC- Owings Mills, MD

Finally Home Outreach LLC- Dallas, TX

Love Cleaning with care inc- Charlotte, NC

Two Men and a Truck- Lakeland, FL

Special Education Schools: 1 Listing
Kinship Academy- San Jose, CA

Truck Driving Schools: 1 Listing
Lancaster County Career & Technology Center- Mount Joy, PA

Renewals: 165 Renewals in 2022 (As of September 2022); 12 Renewals for September
Camp Vendors: 1 Listing
Skate Zone- Gambrills, MD

Catholic Schools: 1 Listing
Pope John Paul II High School- Slidell, LA

College Vendors: 1 Listing
MAX-Ability, Inc.- Santa Rosa, CA

Episcopal Schools: 1 Listing
St. Mary's School- Aliso Viejo, CA

IB Schools: 1 Listing
St. Mary's School- Aliso Viejo, Ca

Independent Schools: 1 Listing
Lake Country Christian School- Fort Worth, TX

Museum Vendors: 1 Listing
MAX-Ability, Inc- Santa Rosa, CA

School Field Trips: 1 Listing
Crayola Experience Plano- Plano, TX

School Vendors: 2 Listings
Rudolph's Office & Computer Supply, Inc.- Elkridge, MD

MAX-Ability, Inc­- Santa Rosa, CA

Substance Abuse Centers: 2 Listings
Scottsdale Recovery Center- Scottsdale, AZ

Arizona Addiction Recovery Center- Scottsdale, AZ