September 2013 Updates

Notes from Editor: Website Updates Month of September 2013 (9/1/13-9/30/13):

September 2013 Website Updates:
K12 Academics Clients: We have created a client's page for all directories on our site. There are over 6,000+ clients on our site

Coming in 2013-2014: All directories and content expected to appear on K12 Academics for the 2013-2014 fiscal school year

Instagram: We recently created an Instagram page to incorporate with our strong social media presence.

New Directories:
School Field Trips: Art Museums, History Museums, Science Museums, Space Museums, Religion Museums, Zoos, Aquariums, Memorials, Murals, Planetariums, Observatories, Botanical Gardens, Landmarks, Parks & Arboretums in the U.S.

Bilingual Immersion Programs: Two-way Bilingual Programs with English Learners and English Speakers.

New Affiliate: K12 Academics would like to welcome
Performance Academies as an affiliate to the site

Provost Academy South Carolina as an affiliate to the site

Articles: 2 Articles
The Benefits Of Early Diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome- Dr. Steven Richfield

Helping Children Understand Social Shades Of Gray- Dr. Steven Richfield

Lesson Plans: 2 Lesson Plans
Share the Gifts of the Holy Spirit- Ellen Vento

The Raging Sea- Ellen Vento

Website Traffic:
2013 Traffic: 1,237,121 Unique Visitors / 11,390,964 Unique Page Views / 23,776,268 Hits
September 2013 Traffic: 158,517 Unique Visitors / 1,070,744 Unique Page Views / 2,929,283 Hits
Week of 9/29/13 (9/23/13-9/29/13): 44,045 Unique Visitors / 267,443 Unique Page Views / 706,238 Hits
Week of 9/22/13 (9/16/13-9/22/13): 38,892 Unique Visitors / 236,792 Unique Page Views / 691,096 Hits
Week of 9/15/13 (9/9/13-9/15/13): 32,901 Unique Visitors / 246,063 Unique Page Views / 695,164 Hits
Week of 9/8/13 (9/2/13-9/8/13): 31,747 Unique Visitors / 244,744 Unique Page Views / 648,892 Hits
Week of 9/1/13 (8/26/13-9/1/13): 32,339 Unique Visitors / 282,904 Unique Page Views / 715,446 Hits

New Business in 2013: 977 new businesses registered as of September 2013 (Not including renewals).

Website Profiles: K12 Academics would like to welcome 58 new businesses to the site for the Month of September (9/1/13-9/30/13):
Charter Bus: 1 Listing
Bates Tours & Charter Service Inc.- Woodbridge, VA

Charter Schools: 2 Listings
Kaleidoscope Charter School- Otsego, MN

The Learning Center! Charter School- Murphy, NC

Christian Schools: 2 Listings
Westside Christian High School- Lake Oswego/Tigard, OR

Heartland Christian Homeschool Center- Spring Valley, CA

Dietitian/Nutritionist: 1 Listing
Nutrition Moves- Las Vegas, NV

Educational Publishers: 2 Listings
AJS Publications, Inc.- Island Lake, IL

Images Unlimited Publishing- Maryville, MO

Financial Aid: 1 Listing
APPA's Demonstration of Energy and Efficiency Developments (DEED) Technical Design Project- Washington, D.C.

Health Clubs / Gyms: 1 Listing
Gold's Gym TN- Murfreesboro & Hendersonville, TN

Independent Schools: 2 Listings
The Kessler School- Dallas, TX

Temple Beth Sholom Schools- Sarasota, FL

International School: 1 Listing
Wells International School- Thailand

Islamic School: 1 Listing
Leaders Preparatory School- Orlando, FL

Language Schools: 2 Listings
YouMandarin Language & Culture Center- China

português et cetera- Portugal

Lutheran School: 1 Listing
Mt. Olive Lutheran Preschool- Austin, TX

Music Lessons: 2 Listings
Midori Howell Piano Studio- Lodi, NJ

Luba's Piano Studio- Mountainside, NJ

School Field Trips: 11 Listings
St. Louis Mercantile Library- St. Louis, MO

Lubee Bat Conservancy- Gainesville, FL

Miami Children's Museum- Miami, FL

San Diego Model Railroad Museum- San Diego, CA

Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center- Millville, NJ

National Churchill Museum- Fulton, MO

National Balloon Museum- Indianola, IA

Troy University Rosa Parks Museum- Troy, AL

New York City Fire Museum- New York, NY

Cincinnati Art Museum- Cincinnati, OH

Carillon Historical Park- Dayton, OH

School Vendors: 16 Listings
Universal Steam, Inc.- Oakley, CA

Teton Buildings, LLC- Houston, TX

Dent Source LLC- Oklahoma City, OK

Aesthetic Solutions Inc.- Marietta, GA

JBD Enterprises- Garden Valley, CA

Construction Management Global- Roseville, CA

Edgemont Precision Rebuilders Inc- West Chester, PA

AD Mats Corporation- Boynton Beach, FL

Make It Plain Consulting- Cincinnati, OH Clifton Park, NY

Aesthetic Solutions Inc.- Marietta, GA

Optec Communications, Inc.- Long Island City, NY

The Curious Edge Foundation- Lexington, KY

MEC Engineering- Portland, OR

FatCat Studios, Inc.- Baltimore, MD

Pencils 'n More- Gordonville, MO

Study Abroad Program: 1 Listing
Academia Tica Spanish School- Costa Rica

Summer School: 1 Listing
New York Summer Music Festival- Oneonta, NY

Support Services: 4 Listings
Law Office of Laura E. Gillis, LLC- Topsfield, MA

Phyllis A Liu O.D.- Woodbridge, CT

AchieveAbility- Bayside, NY

Makes Sense!- Jamaica, NY

Teaching Abroad Program: 1 Listing
English Opens Doors Program- Chile

Therapeutic School: 1 Listing
Turning Winds Academic Institute- Bonners Ferry, ID

Trade School: 1 Listing
Saco River Education- Waterboro, ME

Voice Lessons: 1 Listing
Bonita Ferus Voice Studio- Albuquerque, NM

Volunteer Abroad Program: 1 Listing
English Open Doors Program- Chile

Volunteer Programs: 1 Listing
Minnesota Children's Museum- St. Paul, MN

Coming to K12 Academics 2013-2014: You can expect to see these directories on K12 Academics in the coming fiscal school year
Acting Schools
American Schools
Bilingual Immersion Programs
Community Schools
Essential Schools
French Schools
Gap Year Programs
Green Schools
Heritage Language Programs
Language Immersion Programs
Recovery Schools
Reggio Emilia Schools
Student Exchange Programs
Summer Sessions
Teacher Workshops
U.S. Cities / U.S. Towns
Virtual Learning Environments
Year Long Schools
Youth Sports: Boxing Clubs, Diving Clubs, Gymnastics Clubs, Karate Clubs, Lacross Clubs, Little League Baseball, Teenis Clubs, Track & Field Clubs, Volleyball Clubs, Water Polo Clubs, Wrestling Clubs

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