September 2020 Website Updates

Notes from Editor: Website Updates Month of September 2020 (9/1/20-9/30/20)

2020 Traffic: 5,488,911 Unique Visitors / 20,344,886 Unique Page Views / 51,376,740 Hits
Monthly Website Traffic: 609,879 Unique Visitors / 2,260,543 Unique Page Views / 5,708,527 Hits
September 2020 Traffic: 490,525 Unique Visitors / 1,974,949 Unique Page Views / 6,204,260 Hits
Week of 9/27/20 (9/21/20-9/27/20): 109,208 Unique Visitors / 492,479 Unique Page Views / 1,440,888 Hits
Week of 9/20/20 (9/14/20-9/20/20): 115,422 Unique Visitors / 552,552 Unique Page Views / 1,411,626 Hits
Week of 9/13/20 (9/7/20-9/13/20): 116,340 Unique Visitors / 356,402 Unique Page Views / 1,325,520 Hits
Week of 9/6/20 (8/31/20-9/6/20): 106,980 Unique Visitors / 387,553 Unique Page Views / 1,375,341 Hits

New Business: 531 New Businesses in 2020 (As of September 2020); 28 New Businesses in September 2020
Afterschool Programs: 1 Listing
Challenge Island - W. Plano/N. Dallas, TX

Boarding Schools: 1 Listing
Blue Ridge School- St. George, VA

Catholic Schools: 1 Listing
Villa Madonna Academy- Villa Hills, KY

Financial Aid: 3 Listings
Annual Prevounce Preventive Health- Agoura Hills, CA

Too Cool to Pay for School Scholarship- Demarest, NJ

Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign- Malibu, CA

French Schools: 1 Listing
French American International school of Boca Raton- Boca Raton, FL

International Boarding Schools: 2 Listings
Landmark East School- Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada

Regents International School Pattaya- Banglamung, Thailand

Landscape Architect Colleges: 1 Listing
UW-Madison, WI

Music Lessons: 1 Listing
Gracenote Classical Academy of Music- Cary, NC

Office Vendors: 1 Listing
American Window Film- Foxboro, MA

Online Colleges: 1 Listing
STRIVE WorldWIDE- South Portland, ME

Overseas Schools: 1 Listing
Kosice International School- Kosice, Slovak Republic

Presbyterian Colleges: 1 Listing
Tusculum University- Greenville, TN

School Assemblies: 2 Listings
ROCK-ABLE Disability Awareness and Anti-Bullying Virtual School Assembly Program- Sykesville, MD

HISTORY'S ALIVE!- Little Falls, NJ

School Bus Vendors: 1 Listing
Kajeet- McLean, VA

School Field Trips: 1 Listing
Challenge Island CNY- Marcellus, NY

School Vendors: 7 Listings

Intercontinental Pharma Inc- Largo, FL

American Window Film- Foxboro, MA

Texas Security Shredding- Crosby, TX

Limpio Professional Cleaning- San Francisco, CA

Wood Safety Consultants, Inc.- Chesapeake, VA

Monarch Honda & Monarch Powersports Group- Orem, UT

Special Needs: 1 Listing
Bridge II Sports- Durham, NC

Special Needs Colleges: 1 Listing
STRIVE WorldWIDE- South Portland, ME

Renewals: 164 Renewals in 2020 (As of September 2020); 13 Renewals for September
Catholic Schools: 3 Listings
St. Mary's School of Piscataway- Clinton, MD

Trinity High School- Louisville, KY

Royal Palm Academy- Naples, FL

Classical Christian Schools: 1 Listing
Clapham School- Wheaton, IL

Independent Schools: 1 Listing
The Branch School- Houston, TX

Lutheran Schools: 1 Listing
Christ Lutheran Church and School- Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Online Schools: 1 Listing
American School- National

School Assemblies: 1 Listing
Scheer Genius Assembly Shows- Walled Lake, MI

School Vendors: 3 Listings
Bio Corporation- Alexandria, MN

DigIt Signage Technologies Corporation- Melville, NY

Rudolph's Office & Computer Supply, Inc.- Elkridge, MD

Special Needs: 1 Listing
McKinley & Ryan, LLC- West Chester, PA

Summer Schools: 1 Listing
Choate Rosemary Hall- Wallingford, CT