SVN Studio
The SVN Studio contains

Equipment List

3x Canon XL-2 Cameras Ix Canon D60 Ix Sony HD Handy Cam
1x Glide 4000 Pro 2x Smith Victor (SV) Soft Boxes 3x Smith Victor studio lights
3x ARRI Fresnel 4-Piece Light Kit 2x Kino Flo Lighting Systems 4x Tripods
4x Wireless Lavaliere Microphones 3x Ambient Mics 5x Shure Mics
1x Boom mic 2x colored gel kits

Control Room (Post Production)
The SVN Control Room contains
3x Mac Pros

2x IMacs

1x Mackie 1402-VLZ Pro Mic/Line Mixer

2x Panasonic Digital Video Cassette Recorders

1x Panasonic Digital AV Mixer AG-MX70

Imacs Contain multiple editing software including Final Cut Pro and Adobe Production Premier CS5