Student Video Network Productions

Students must submit a production proposal form for their idea to be reviewed. If approved, students utilize the SVN studio to tape their show or use the equipment to tape out of the studio. They use the Control room for the postproduction of their show or commercial to finish their project. Shows taped in studio are linearly taped to Final Cut Pro to be edited. Out of studio shows are non-linearly taped on to Mini DV tapes.

SVN offers various production forms to help students have a guideline from the very beginning of production to broadcasting the final product.

Production Process
Production Guidelines

    This guideline helps outline deadlines for specific for document, copyrights, censorship, producer policies, and management during pre-production to post-production. Simply a Producer’s Bible for productions. (add content- purpose, pp what is, how, why)

Production Proposal
    This form will serve to help students propose a TV show (SVN Original Programming) that they would like to create on SVN. The document contains examples that should help students significantly. (formal proposal meeting, what happens)

Production Packet
    This form helps producers stay organized during the creation of each episode. Includes forms such as:

            Photo Release Form – University required form, required when any digital photo or video media is taken.

            Location Release Form – Allows producer to secure a filming location.

            Studio Reservation Form - Allows producer to reserve the SVN studio.

            Equipment Check-Out Form - Allows producers and experienced members to check out equipment. Successfully completed production classes required.

            Broadcast Release Form – Allows producers to receive confirmation when show is being input into broadcasting software.

Once the taping and editing is done for the show, it will be put in the line up and is ready to be shown. (In Spring 2010, SVN has added three shows to its lineup.)