Student Video Network Services

SVN offers multiple Classes to students to attend and learn basic skills of Production. The classes are done weekly with members of the Executive Board for SVN. Through these classes, students can also earn the privilege to rent out the SVN equipment for school events such as sporting events. All classes are taught by the SVN Executive Board members.

Production Classes

        Video is nothing without a good audio. This workshop aims to familiarize members with the professional audio recording equipment and teach them how to record audio in professional video shoots.

        Filming an event is more than just pointing the camera at the action and hitting record. Learn the techniques required to cover any event, whether social, ceremonial, or corporate, in its entirety with a nice aesthetic touch to your footage.

        Script Writing
        Everyone has a sudden burst of ideas at some point in their lives. This workshop aims to teach you how to transfer those ideas to paper in a professional way. Learn the technicalities and aesthetics of script and screenplay writing and when to use them.

        Studio Production
        Hearing is one thing, doing is another. Come to the studio and learn how a production at SVN is planned, shot and finished. Get your hands dirty as you learn about the production flow and how our studio full of specialized equipment can help you get the look that you want.

        Camera Composition
        The big difference between home movies and fine cinema is how you use your tools. The most important tool in the filmmaker’s arsenal is the camera. Learn the professional composition techniques that can turn your simple Handy Cam into a video paintbrush!

        Camera Operation
        Have you ever found yourself wondering how industry-leading cameramen get that beautiful glossy look to their footage? It is not the price of their cameras, but the value of their knowledge. Learn about the science behind a camera's inner workings and get a little closer to the professionals.

        All that we see and do would no doubt be impossible without light. That applies to the world of video in endless forms. Learn about one of the most powerful forces in the universe in a fun and interactive workshop where theory and practice are learned and then applied

Producer Benefits
SVN has created a form to help Producers market and use SVN props for their show.

Marketing/Props Request Form

This form allows producer to receive marketing or props for their show, but can only be utilized after specific requirements are met.

Student Organization Benefits
SVN also allows members and students with the required experience to use the SVN equipment to shoot a commercial.

Commercial Request Form
Allows student organizations to request a commercial. Has example of storyboards and scripts attached that should help students significantly. Primarily handled by the by the Commercial Producer and overseen by Production Manager

Event Coverage Form
Allows student organizations to get events filmed or photographed by SVN. Primarily handled by the Special Events Director and overseen by Production Manager.