Student Video Network Programming

Current Programming
This IS (NEW)

"This IS" is a free-style movie special, where the two hosts (and an occasional guest host) break down their opinions of the movie undergoing a review. The two hosts will introduce themselves and begin the review with a quick synopsis of the film, not including spoilers. After the synopsis, the film will be broken down in the different categories it will be graded on (direction, acting, cinematography, plot/screenwriting, presentation) and every host will be given the "spotlight" where they will each provide their opinions and input with no interruptions from the other hosts.

In the Game (NEW)
"In the Game" is a 30 minute sports news show that goes beyond the stands and gives cougar sport fans everything they want to know about their favorite cougar athletes. We highlight the most talked about games on campus, and obtain up close and personal interviews with U of H's favorite athletes. Coogs, don't just sit there, Get IN THE GAME!

For The Love of Food (NEW)
"For The Love of Food" brings cougars an overview of famous restaurants and good dining places in town. It is shot entirely on location and includes reviews of the items on the menu, interviews with the chefs, and a little behind the scenes sneak peek of the restaurant.

The Underground
Unique and new artists are interviewed and perform their original music on a candid set. The show allows open discussion. Hosted by seasoned radio talent & promotions manager, Sid Simone, who is emerged into all genres of music, "The Underground" is a rising artist's dream. Sid coaches the interviewee, and highlights the artists while maintaining entertainment and professionalism. Watch your head - follow me to "The Underground."

Past Programming
Cougar Comedy

Cougar Comedy is the only program of its kind on SVN. The program showcases the performances of the professional comedians Student Program Board invites to perform at the university every semester. Along with footage of the live shows, Cougar Comedy includes on-screen comedian interviews conducted by Edward Garza.

The Good Stuff
Good Stuff is a variety cooking show hosted by Shon Mondragon. It includes creative but simple cooking recipes by Shon to cook delicious meals fast. It is a must watch for cougars living on campus or independently off-campus who have to get hands on in the amazing and diverse world of cooking on a daily basis. So, buckle up and follow us on a creative route to deliciousness!

"Intuition" is a talk and variety show modeled very much after the popular morning show, "The View." A cast of four hosts discuss/debate an array of relevant topics ranging from pop culture to politics to issues around the University of Houston campus. Perhaps what makes "Intuition" unique is the enormous potential for UH students to interact with show through segments that specifically seek out the opinions of random students/faculty around campus and organizations as well.

Other Programs

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Today, Again Stoat Marbles
Student Union Caveat Emptor Grave Offerings
Young Pups My Dead Friends Laura's Lick House
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